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Article: Solution Focused Leadership – From working practice towards a descriptive model of SF Leadership

Although SF is used in Leadership, so far, the outlines of Solution Focused Leadership (SFL) are vague. There has only little literature been published about SFL and there is not yet an empirically derived model. To make SFL more accessible and discussable, the following research study aimed to find out what works in SFL and to describe the working practice in a descriptive model. The research was done in two steps: In step one, 52 international SF practitioners were asked in focus groups and expert interviews how SFL is noticeable and what SF Leaders do. Out of this, an initial descriptive model of SFL was developed. The second step aimed to validate and refine these ideas. With an online survey, 57 SF Leaders worldwide reported their success stories and their perception of the defined model aspects. The refined model displays SF Leadership practice as an ongoing interactional behaviour in between Leaders, employees, and stakeholders with the focus on „Platform Building“, „Future Perfect“, „Discovering What Works“, „Affirming“, „Small Steps (Signs)“, and „Experiments“ with the aim to achieve better results, influence behaviour of others, and/or feel better. SF Leadership behaviour is mutually amplified by supportive behaviour of superiors, employees and stakeholders as well as reaching the desired outcomes. SFL does not only work very well in various situations and can be applied in almost any setting, but also fits a dynamic and challenging environment. SF Leadership can, thus, be seen as a new Leadership style and a promise for the future!

Read the full article here: Godat, D. (2013). Solution Focused Leadership – From Working Practice towards a Descriptive Model of SFL.

Article: Solution Focused Leadership – the other side of the elephant – Four distinctions between SFL and SF coaching

Viel Spass mit dem Artikel: „Solution Focused Leadership – the other side of the elephant – Four distinctions between SFL and SF coaching“, der im InterAction in der Novemberausgabe 2013 ( erschienen ist:

4 Unterschiede zwischen lösungsfokussierter Führung und Coaching